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Mouse Trap - No View No Touch



2.00 ct
SKU / UPC: 019200783576


1. Baiting: On the bottom of the trap, peel back the small self-adhesive label. Apply bait compartment. Reseal self-adhesive label over compartment, and turn trap over (D-Con label up). 2. Setting: While holding base of trap in a horizontal position, twist top over in a clockwise rotation (in a direction of arrow) until it locks. A red indicator will show through the hole marked set on the top of the trap. A mouse entryway will open in front. 3. Placement: Gently place set trap (D-Con label up) on hard surface near wall, or in areas where mice are active. For best results, place two or more D-Con Traps 4-6 feet apart where you see or suspect mice. 4. Disposal: Check trap frequently. When mouse entryway is closed and red indicator shows through the hole marked mouse caught, dispose of entire trap. Note: If trap is accidentally triggered, a red indicator will show at the not set position. Repeat the instructions at Step 2 (Setting) if this occurs. This trap is not intended for reuse. Please dispose of the trap and dead mouse properly.

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Reckitt Benckiser Inc.

Parsippany, NJ 07054-0224

Safety Warnings

Keep out of reach of children and pets.