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Top Care
Eyeglass Repair Kit



1.00 ct
SKU / UPC: 036800296688


1. Most frames made in U.S.A. require 5 or 7 barrel hinge screws. Most imported frames use 1.4 mm or 1.6 mm metric hinge screws. There is 1 of each in the screwdriver handle. Metric Screws have flat heads. American standard screws have dome heads. 2. Gently twist magnifier onto handle. Select the screw diameter that appears to be the correct size. Insert screw-driver tip into screw starter and hinge screw into the other end. 3. Make sure the leaves of the hinge are properly engaged as shown. Insert screw and tighten. Do not force. If screw does not tighten easily, then try a different screw. Forcing an incorrect size screw may damage hinge threads. 4. If the enclosed hinge screws do not fit your glasses, see your local optician. He or she will be happy to provide you with extra screws which you can store in the screwdriver handle. Screwdriver tip may be sharpened with a file or a whetstone if it becomes dull.

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