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Top Care
All Purpose Dressing



24.00 ct
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Clean and Medicate: 1. Wash hand thoroughly using soap. Rinse and dry with a clean towel. 2. Pick up a all-purpose dressing by one end and dip it into the cleansing solution recommended by your medical professional. 3. Clean wound by stroking gently in a circular motion. Do not scrub back and forth, especially across incision line. 4. Repeat process using clean all-purpose dressing until entire wound is cleaned. 5. Pat dry using clean all-purpose dressing. 6. Use clean all-purpose dressing to apply medication as directed by your professional. Protect: 1. Cover the cleaned and medicated wound using clean all-purpose dressing. 2. Secure the dressing in place with first aid tape. Tape from the center to hold the pad in place. 3. Change dressing daily or as instructed by your medical professional.

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