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Fusing Web



1.00 ct
SKU / UPC: 075691002220


100% Polyester.


Place fusing tape between fabrics layers. Cover with press cloth (Use wet press cloth with dry iron). Set steam iron on wool press for 10 seconds, use a lift and lowering motion. Press one section at a time. Do not slide iron back and forth. Turn fabric over and press for additional 10 seconds. After fabric has cooled, test bond by trying to lift one edge. If necessary, press again for 5 - 10 seconds on each side. If hem loosens after repeated launderings, rebond using instruction above. Altering Hems: Steam press area. Raise or lower hem while fabric is hot. If fusing web should stick to iron, remove with a mild abrasive or spray liquid household cleaner. Not recommended for very sheer fabrics.

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